Simple Definition

– Made or seeming to have been made for a particular person or purpose
– Made or fitted especially to a particular use or purpose

Our Definition

“Your own customized journey that fits your needs”

Feels like hunting a vintage item at marchés aux puces in Southern France?

Admiring the great design of Vatican or maybe you want to get lost to the beautiful sight of Alhambra fortress in Spain?

Shop, adventure, leisure, cultures?

You can either be comfortable or on adventurous off beaten track. Not just that, Kiny Tours also provides consultation, advice, and idea, to assist you on your journey. Customized your trip as you unravel every excitement that the world has to offer. Expand your knowledge, interact with locals, learn various cultures and take it home as a souvenir.

The choice is yours.


Simple Definition

– Avrief trip that people take for fun usually as a group
– Abrief usually outdoor pleasure trip

Our Definition
“Rejuvenate in togetherness”

Kiny Tours provide solutions and ideas that can answer to every company needs in finding a perfect place to bind its vision and mission with the team.
Every Employee has different ways of thinking, but as a company all need to have a shared vision.

The question is… how can we infused that sublimely?

The answer is shared memories.
A rejuvenating trip that can unite them in memories. Especially fun memories. This can unite different people with different perspectives by creating a linking connection between them. And we will make sure that every memory from having a trip with us can last and be something worth to remember.